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Fort Worth Gas Explosions

Photo for Gas Explosions


Natural gas is in most American homes.  It is a highly combustible gas which is odorless in its natural state.  The gas companies add an odorant to the natural gas so people can smell if there is a leak.  That odor resembles rotten eggs.  The problem, know in the natural gas industry, is that if the natural gas escapes from a broken pipe into the soil, the odor can be stripped away by the soil and the natural gas will migrate through the soil on the path of least resistance.  Around homes, this may be along pipes leading into a home and the gas migrates into the home undetected.  Then when the gas hits a spark, there is an explosion, many times resulting in catastrophic injuries such as death or serious burn injuries.

One of the ways to guard against gas seeping into your home undetected is a gas detector which can be plugged into a household plug and sounds an alarm when gas is detected.  Everyone should have one in their home.

Unfortunately, not everyone has such a detector in their home and natural gas has seeped into the home resulting in catastrophic injuries.  At the Kisselburgh Law Firm, we have represented clients who were victims of their homes exploding due to migrating natural gas.  If you are also a victim of gas explosion and were injured, you should contact an attorney with experience in representing gas explosion victims.

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